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Since 1972

Manolis Taverna Rhodes Menu

Manolis Taverna

Since 1972

At Manolis Taverna, we believe that people who deal with Greek gastronomy are automatically its ambassadors.
Chef Lazaros Papanikolaou and his team personify faithfully the restaurant's philosophy, delicately expressing the idea of Manolis Taverna.

Manolis Taverna Fresh Local Products

before or later!

Mr. Pantelis will be waiting for you at the Bar. There you will find unique wines that truly represent the Greek vineyard. Our wine list includes labels from Greek and international varieties carefully selected to match the flavors of our cuisine.

You can visit the Bar before or after your meal.


Preparation in our kitchen starts early in the morning. In the backyard of this space is our garden, created with love by the whole family. Every day we visit the garden and take from there what Mother Earth has brought forth. Then we turn to our associates for the rest. They provide us seafood and meat, vegetables from farmers and products from other Rhodian suppliers and producers, fresh every day.

Products from Manolis Taverna Garden

Greek Local Products

Sustainability for us is directly supporting the local people we work with, knowing that they use responsible practices to harvest their produce.

Manolis Taverna

Fresh Products Every day

The Journey

our visitors

As our guests arrive at the Manolis Taverna, they are greeted with a smile and begin a journey through time and into an oasis related to the tradition of Greece.

This journey starts from the gate which is a genuine Gate -door- of Rhodes.

Visitors on this trip are faced with a pebbled floor reminiscent of a castle and tiles painted by traditional artisans of Rhodes. The tiles adorn the walls of Manolis Taverna.

A Story


Behind every item in Manolis Taverna, there is a story.

Rhodes ceramics adorn this space where they historically come from a pottery factory built by the Italians to help young women and the elderly get work.
During this journey they will wander through the magic of nature.

Almond trees, pomegranates, grapes, prickly pears, lemons and other trees adorn the garden of Manolis Taverna and transport the visitor to another era.

In the Shade of Laurel...

manolis Taverna

The circular terrace that the visitors will find on their way, is made elaborately from the marble of Kalythia and is there for the purpose of the walker resting under the shade of the laurel. When they arrive in our yard and sit at the table, they will see elaborate dishes, objects of folk art.
The visitor's eye will quickly fall on the "jar", where it was for Rhodes a gift from mother to daughter for her wedding and her new home. Through the aura of the space as an authentic Greek courtyard, the journey of flavors will begin where Manolis Taverna as a gastronomic destination will offer you unique taste sensations.


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